Thursday, September 04, 2014

Curves Ahead

"The world is a bell curve."
                -  Simon Sinek

Everyone in the Learning Industry has seen the Four Stages of Learning.  They're usually shown in a 4 quadrant grid, with the travel through the stages shown as a "U" shape.   Or it's represented as literally 4 stair-steps.   But I saw one recently that really caught my attention.   I couldn't find the image so I drew it - shown here:

The stunning part is that it's show in the context of learner confidence and comfort.  When you move through to the awareness stage you really are at a low point.  When you were unaware of your lack of knowledge you move along just happy as can be.   But become aware and that plunges you into a state of discomfort.  Sometimes painful discomfort.

But one of the motivators is showing the learner that of they progress and learn the skill to the unconscious or habit stage, they will be better off than before.

Keep this in mind when you're trying to sell someone on change.   It might help.

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