Saturday, February 23, 2013

Leaving Silos to Farmers

"Instead of just having this one thread ... I've come up with an idea and then somebody from somewhere else says, "Oh that makes me think we should do this," and then we can do that, and you get to a place that you just can't get you in one mind."
-    David Kelley, IDEO
I've watched the beginning of the recent 60 Minutes interview with David Kelley a few times.  One of the unique things about IDEO and Mr. Kelley is that they expose the brilliance of simplicity.  Design is their specialty, and if you have not heard of the at Stanford you should research it.  Amazing concept, and it bucks a lot of the traditional academic mandate.

What struck me about this quote was the sheer humble nature of collaboration.  No matter how great an idea, it can always be improved upon by collaborating with others.  It made me think back to some of the professional accomplishments in my own career.  And in almost every case, they were group efforts that I lent a particular expertise to. 

Looking to others will be one of my new mantras.  I will be guided by the principle of finding talented people and making new connections.

If you missed it you can see it here: